The Coastal Ecology Explorers @ The Ernst Marine Conservation Center

What are salt marshes? Why are they important?  What role do people play in keeping them healthy? These are the questions Coastal Ecology Explorers set out to answer in this interactive that introduces young students to the wonder, beauty and science of coastal ecology.   Set in West Meadow Creek, an 88-acre wetland habitat and embayment of the Long Island Sound, students explore west meadow creek’s shoreline to collect and identify marine specimen including crabs, birds and plants. Students learn to perceive the salt marsh as home to many important and delicate relationships between living organisms, land and water.

Boces Arts-in-Ed Reimbursable.  Recommended for grades K-3 (see Coastal Ecology Detectives for grades 4 and up!)

WMHO supports Common Core Standard learning by creating rich virtual environment where students study and observe artifacts, primary sources, and participate in an exchange of ideas

Next Generation Science Standards: LS2.A: Interdependent Relationships in EcosystemsLS2.C: Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning and Resilience

Testimonial:  I had an amazing time at the field trip! I loved the puppet show and seeing all the mollusks and crabs! (Olivia, Harbor Country Day School, 1st grade).


Duration: 1.5
Levels: Elementary
Minimum Program Fee: $150.00
Per Student Fee: 10.00
Teacher Fee: FREE
Chaperone Fee: FREE

Location: The Ernst Marine Conservation Center
Address: West Meadow Creek, Setauket

Contact: 631-751-2244