Electronic Explorations: The Salt Marsh Ecosystem Live!

What are the components of the salt marsh food web and how do they interreact with one another? Why are salt marshes essential to the health of the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound? 

Tucked into the heart of an 88-acre wetland preserve bordering the Long Island Sound, this STEM program immerses students in the marine sciences.   Along a virtual tour of the tidal salt marsh stream, students encounter a variety of unique animals and plants, learn their roles and unique adaptations. For a culminating activity students take on the identity of an organism in the marsh and its role in the salt marsh food web. 

Common Core Standards: WMHO supports Common Core Standard learning by creating rich virtual environment where students study and observe artifacts, primary sources, and participate in an exchange of ideas

Next Generation Science Standards:

LS2.A: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

LS2.C: Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning and Resilience


Duration: 60 minutes

Levels:  Customized K-12

Minimum: $150.00 per session (a class is 30 or less students). Boces Reimbursable.

Location: Broadcasting live from the Ernst Marine Conservation Center on West Meadow Creek, Stony Brook, NY

WMHO digital platforms include (and are not limited to) Zoom, Google Classroom and MS Teams. Please let us know your digital preferences and we will work with you.

Duration: 1
Levels: Customized
Minimum Program Fee: $160

Location: The Ernst Marine Conservation Center from the comfort of your own home or classroom!
Address: Trustee’s Road, Stony Brook NY 11790

Contact: 631-751-2244
Electronic Explorations: The Salt Marsh Ecosystem Live!