Patriots and Poultices: A Doctor During the Revolutionary War

How did the colonial trades of physician and apothecary develop in the colonies?   What are similarities and differences between diseases and treatments of the past compared to today?

Set during the American Revolution, students will enter the world of Samuel Thompson – doctor, farmer, patriot. By becoming Doctor Thompson’s apprentices, students are empowered to diagnose and treat his patients– using medicinal herbs from Doctor Thompson’s medicinal garden – all while avoiding being captured by the British!

In the final stage of the program, students will be able to meet a current healthcare professional who role plays a fictional 21st century patient. Guiding the students in art and science of modern medicine, students diagnose and prescribe treatments available today!


Learning Standards

Common Core Standards: WMHO supports NY State and Common Core Standard learning by creating rich virtual environment where students study and observe artifacts, primary sources, and participate in an exchange of ideas.

Social Studies Learning Standards K-8 Framework: 4.3b Colonial New York became home to many different peoples, including European immigrants, and free and enslaved Africans. Colonists developed different lifestyles. Economic and Economic Systems:  What are the benefits of specialization and trade? How did political and social life evolve in each of the three regions? NYS Technology Standards- Standard 5:  Technology has been the driving force in the evolution of society from an agricultural to an industrial to an information base


Cost:  $150.00 for 45-60 minute live session (30 or less students) & accompanying learning kit; Boces Ed-in-Arts Reimbursable

WMHO digital platform include (and are not limited to) Zoom, Google Classroom and MS Teams. Please let us know your digital preferences and we will work with you.

Contact: 631-751-2244

Duration: 1
Teacher Fee: FREE

Location: The historic Thompson House from the comfort of your home or classroom!
Address: From the comfort of your home or classroom!

Contact: 631-751-2244
Patriots and Poultices: A Doctor During the Revolutionary War