Living Off the Land: Long Island’s Original Inhabitants

Can you survive “living off the land” on Stony Brook’s West Meadow Creek?

Based on WMHO’s historic archaeological dig in 1960 that unearthed evidence of a 500 year old encampment of Algonquin-speaking peoples, students will be engaged in an interactive survival game!  They will be challenged with surviving on West Meadow Creek using- while also conserving!- the natural resources of the marsh to provide shelter, food and even medicine.


Common Core Standards: WMHO supports NY State and Common Core standard learning by creating rich learning environments where students study and observe artifacts, primary sources and participate in an exchange of ideas.

NY State Social Studies Learning Standards:  Native American groups, chiefly the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Algonquian-speaking groups, inhabited the region that became New York State. These people interacted with the environment and developed unique cultures. (Standards: 1, 3, 5; Themes:  MOV, GEO, GOV)

Duration: 1 Hour

Levels:  Customized K-12

Minimum: $150.00 per session (a class is 30 or less students) Boces Reimbursable.

Location: Broadcasting live from the Ernst Marine Conservation Center on West Meadow Creek, Stony Brook, NY

WMHO digital platform include (and are not limited to) Zoom, Google Classroom and MS Teams. Please let us know your digital preferences and we will work with you.


Duration: 1
Levels: Customized
Minimum Program Fee: $150

Location: West Meadow Creek from the comfort of your own home or classroom!
Address: For our classroom to yours!

Contact: 631-751-2244
Living Off the Land: Long Island's Original Inhabitants