Pond Ecology

Explore the freshwater pond ecosystem at the Mill Pond!  Observe the fascinating habitat where cormorants, egrets, mallards, Canada geese and other wildlife congregate.  Students will identify a variety of fish, birds, and insects. Discovering the diversified spectrum of life, students will gain a better understanding of food webs and energy transfers.  They will participate in hands on experiments including pH testing.

Participation in the “Pond Ecology” and “Coastal Ecology” programs on the same day allows students to compare freshwater and salt water systems.

For this program fee, please contact 631-751-2244 for more information.

Duration: 1.5 hr
Levels: Customized

Location: T. Bayles Minuse Mill Pond Park
Address: 200 Harbor Rd, Stony Brook, NY 11790

Contact: 631-751-2244