Windows Through Time: Journals of American Revolutionary War Spies @ The Brewster House

How did the Culper Spy Ring help General Washington win the American Revolution?

Engage your students with this interactive reader’s theater performance about the Culper Spy Ring- America’s first successful spy network! Presented live from the Setauket, Long Island, in the authentic Brewster House, c. 1665, students role-play Patriots, Loyalist and British soldiers as they meet Joseph Brewster’s indentured servant named Dolly Brown. Students explore multiple perspectives and motivations during the war including Patriots, Loyalists, women, the enslaved, and Native Americans, engage in spy-craft and learn how “ordinary” people have shaped American history.

Boces Arts-In-Education reimbursable.

Common Core Standards: WMHO supports Common Core Standard learning by creating rich virtual environment where students study and observe artifacts, primary sources, and participate in an exchange of ideas.

New York State Social Studies Standards: 4.3d Growing conflicts between England and the 13 colonies over issues of political and economic rights led to the American Revolution. New York played a significant role during the Revolution, in part due to its geographic location. 

Testimonial: “This was a wonderful experience with a fantastic instructor who put forth great effort to engage the students!” –Chris Merz, 4th Grade Teacher, Winthrop Elementary



Duration: 1 hr
Levels: Customized
Minimum Program Fee: $175.00

Location: Virtual: From Your Classroom to Ours!
Address: Brewster House, c. 1709.

Contact: 631-751-2244