The Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO)’s Summer of Science returns to the Dr. Erwin Ernst Marine Conservation Center in West Meadow for hands-on interactive learning. Three sessions (each a five day program) will run depending on age group from July 24 to August 25. Registration is required for these programs. Programs are $330 per student.  

These open-air outdoors programs emphasize hands-on exploration of plant and animals species along the shoreline, student driven research projects, and scavenger hunts to compare & contrast the marsh and sandy beach habitats. Salt Marsh Explorers (ages 6 to 9) runs from July 24 – July 28 (10am – 1pm) and emphasizes the role humans play in protecting coastal habitats. Salt Marsh Detectives (ages 10 to 12) runs from August 21 – August 25 (10am – 1pm) and focuses on the ecosystem’s biodiversity and interconnectedness. Salt Marsh Scientists (ages 13 to 17) runs from August 7 – August 11 (10am – 1:30pm) and highlights the role of hands-on research with special guests and experts in marine biology and challenges students with real-world problems marine scientists face today.

To learn more about Summer of Science programs, register your child, and to learn more about the WMHO, call the Ward Melville Heritage Organization office at 631-751-2244.